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Comment guidelines
    • This is a blog, it's not a hosting service.
    • On this blog, I write about my experiences and post observations about the things I'm interested in.
    • The role of comments on this site are to add information and perspectives that might be interesting to the author of the blog, primarily, and secondarily to people who read the blog.
    • They should always take into account what is said in the post. If you haven't read the post in full, reasonably carefully, don't comment. If it is obvious that you have not read the post, your comment will be deleted.
    • It's not a free speech zone. It's not a place for you to be heard.
    • Comments are moderated. Any comment that does not follow these guidelines will be deleted. If you post more comments that violate the guidelines, or complain about your comment being deleted, you'll be blocked from posting comments.
    • It's not a place for you to promote your products, services, blog, initiatives, political causes. Don't post spam.
    • I'm not interested in debates here on my blog.
    • If you want a debate, host it somewhere else, and if I'm interested in participating I will.
    • If not, I won't. (I probably won't, I don't enjoy debates.)
    • Keep your comments short. If you find you need to post more than a few sentences that's a clue that you are really writing an blog post, which is great, not a comment. Go get a blog if you don't already have one and post your ideas there, along with a link to this post so people know what it's in reference to. You may send me a link via email if you want me to read it.
    • Absolutely no personal comments about me or anyone else.
    • Yes, I can handle disagreement. I do want to hear other points of view. Briefly stated without getting personal.
    • Your comment wasn't moderated because you disagreed, it was moderated because you didn't follow the rules.
    • There's a link to this page in the Stuff menu on every new story page on Scripting News.
    • Here's an example of a story page.
    • These guidelines have worked well to keep comments simple and useful to everyone. The idea is to share missing information. To answer questions posed in the post. It is not a place for speeches, there are plenty of places for that on the web. We've been doing this for a long time and have heard all the arguments, and are not interested in hearing them again.